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By: Coplin Health SystemsDecember 7, 2021

Coplin Health Systems Receives $1,000 Grant to Boost Workplace Wellness

Coplin Health Systems is pleased to be selected as one of only 20 workplaces statewide to receive a $1,000 grant to support workplace wellness. These grants are made possible by Active Southern West Virginia and WV Bureau of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease.

By receiving this award, Coplin Health Systems will be better able to support the health and well-being of our staff through creative wellness initiatives. As part of the grant, an employee from Coplin Health Systems will also receive certification in CDC Work@Health Employer Training. This 6-week evidence-based course gives participants the tools and education to develop and sustain a workplace wellness program for years to come.

Coplin Health Systems is going to continue to grow its Work@Health program, which provides health and wellness training for employees and encourages them to engage in healthy behaviors. This year’s grant will focus on integrating mindfulness into the workplace and sharing its Work@Health Challenges throughout the community. In the month of October, Coplin launched its first community wide exercise challenge in partnership with Star Plastics.

“Employees spend about one-third of their lives in the workplace. If they want to choose healthy habits, it is important for them to be supported at work. Our Work@Health program is an opportunity for our organization to grow in this area.” said Jenna Carr, Work@Health Coach.

These grants are awarded by Active Southern West Virginia (Active SWV) in partnership with WV Bureau of Public and the WV Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease (HPCD). Active SWV is a non-profit providing an ecosystem of physical activity for the residents of southern West Virginia by offering programs led by trained volunteers from within the communities they serve. One piece of this ecosystem is Workplace Wellness.

“The health of our workforce is connected to the health of our economy and our communities,” says Veronica Crosier, Active SWV Workplace Wellness Director, “With these grants, we hope to supply the tools and ignite the inspiration needed for workplaces to kick off a sustainable wellness program to improve the health of their employees.”

Employee health and well-being should be a priority for workplaces. A structured workplace wellness program makes this prioritization easy, creating a culture of wellness. When employees’ health is valued, employers can expect to see higher productivity, increased morale, and much more.

To learn more about workplace wellness grants through Active SWV, or starting your own workplace wellness program, contact Veronica Crosier at veronica@activeswv.com

February 1, 2018

Coplin Welcomes Pediatric Physician

Dr. Cathy A. Dailey has joined our primary care staff as a pediatric physician. She is now seeing patients 18 and under at Parkersburg Family Care.

March 1, 2018

New Family Care Facility Opens in Parkersburg

Coplin Health Systems has opened a second family care clinic at 3705 Emerson Square in Parkersburg. For information, call 304.917.3530.

August 29, 2018

Coplin Health Systems Announces Departure of CEO, Derek Snyder, and Selection of Interim CEO

Coplin Health Systems and its Board are announcing that, effective September 7th, Derek Snyder, its CEO is departing the organization.