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Meet Coplin

Coplin Health Systems exists to serve our communities.

Coplin Health Systems specializes in primary care services. Our healthcare providers offer a full range of services for the entire family. We provide access to preventative and quality primary care services, as well as acute care services, regardless of one’s ability to pay. We are advocates for children and families, alongside the communities and strive to give them the best possible care.

See what we’re all about

We could tell you all about us – our dedication, our care, the kindness and professionalism of all of our staff.

But we’d rather just show you.

"I've always had a servant heart..."

With a lot of smiles and a lot of hugs, Junie Maynard, C-FNP serves those who come to Southern Local Wellness Center’s door ✨ Watch her Coplin Health Systems story now! Watch as Junie Maynard, C-FNP opens up about her passion for taking care of patients at Southern Local Wellness Center

Mental Health - A Teacher's Perspective

Jennifer McCallister, a teacher at Wirt County High School, partners with Coplin Health Systems to offer her perspective on mental health.

What Does It All Mean? Fully Integrated Medical

Fully Integrated Medical – What does it all mean? ???? We sat down with Lindsey Keeney who explains all of the healthcare services available at Coplin Health Systems and how they work together to provide quality care ????

What Does It All Mean? COVID-19 Vaccination Education

COVID-19 Vaccinations – What does it all mean? ???? We sat down with Dr. Nichols to understand these vaccinations and the treatment options available for COVID-19 ????