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By: Coplin Health SystemsFebruary 21, 2023

A Guide for Understanding Your Patient Portal

What is the Patient Portal? 

The Patient Portal is a secure online website that allows you to access your health information from your healthcare provider. The Patient Portal ensures you are included in the improvement and management of your healthcare. 

What services can I access using the Patient Portal? 

You can access an array of services using the Patient Portal. This digital healthcare tool allows you to view upcoming appointments, add and track medications, view and print your visit summaries, and more. 

How can I access the Patient Portal? Is there a website? 

There are two ways to access your (health/medical) information. There is an online website, as well as a Healow app, which can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. Both are free, convenient, and secure. 

What information can I track using the Patient Portal? 

The Patient Portal allows you to view and manage your medical appointments. When using the app, appointments will show up in your smartphone or tablet, which allows you to set in-app reminders as well as provides directions to the office. Following your appointment, you are able to view your visit summary simply from your smartphone. 

Using the Patient Portal allows you to add and track all of your medications. Your medication list will be updated on your portal whenever your provider updates your health record. Like the appointment feature, you have the ability to set reminders to take your medication as prescribed. A plus? The next time that you need a prescription refill, you can efficiently send a refill request through the app! 

If you have specific topics to discuss with your provider during your next visit, you can use the notes feature to keep track of this information, or other personal health information. 

When you need to contact your provider, or when they need to contact you, the messaging feature on the app allows for convenient, available communication between you and your doctor. 

Who will have access to my (health/medical) information? 

Only you will have full access to your (health/medical) information, unless you grant access to someone else. Your provider will have limited access, that being messages and refill requests, but you can update your doctor if you choose to do so by messaging or at your next appointment. All other information is for private use.

Is the Patient Portal secure?

Yes, the Patient Portal is secure. All data is encrypted to meet not only industry, but national standards for secure transmission of personal health information. The web-based portal is username and password protected, while the digital app is pin protected. 

Can I view my test results through the portal? 

Yes, you can view your lab test results through the portal if your lab tests are completed through Coplin. You will no longer have to wait for a letter to arrive or a phone call from your provider. Once your doctor reviews and updates your test results, they are published to your patient portal, that way you can view them anytime on your smartphone or the website. Test results should be ready for you by the next week following an appointment. 

Can I use the Patient Portal for an emergency?

In the case of an emergency, such as being taken to the ER, your Healow Patient Portal app allows you to view and show your allergies, medical history, and prescriptions with the providers caring for you. 

How do I get started?

To get started and gain access to your Patient Portal, contact our office to be registered. You will then receive an email with access information. 

Who do I contact if I need help? 

The Healow Patient Portal does have an online help center supported by their team which you can contact for questions or assistance. Additionally, we encourage you to reach out to our office staff if further assistance is needed. 


February 1, 2018

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