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By: Coplin Health SystemsOctober 20, 2020

Mask 411 for Children During COVID-19

With many regulations in place for the COVID-19 pandemic, daily life has certainly changed. Public outings have been limited, hugs and handshakes are discouraged, and social distancing has become part of the norm — all of which have been difficult for many to get in the groove of incorporating into daily life. However, one of the most challenging adjustments for many, and especially for children, is wearing a mask. The CDC and health organizations across the nation are strongly urging Americans to wear a mask when out in public to protect themselves and others from COVID-19.

As the pediatrician at Coplin Health Systems, Dr. Cathy Dailey is our expert on children, and it seems that they are the ones grappling with the reasons why and how to make masks and other guidelines part of their new routine. Here are some tips from Dr. Dailey on how to discuss mask regulations with your children:

Dr. Cathy Dailey, a pediatrician at Coplin Health Systems.

– How to discuss the mask regulations with your children
It’s important to spend a lot of time educating the kids on what the masks are for and what they’re not for, and when you should wear them, and why you don’t need to wear them in certain places, but why it’s really important to have them on when you come to the doctor’s office. And even though it’s mandated, try not to make it like a rule because children don’t really like rules. Just tell them it’s good for their health, and it’s good to protect their family and themselves from the virus if they’re out in public. So, encourage them if they’re going out in public to wear their masks like they’re supposed to.

They might be used as slingshots and head attire for most of the little kids, but the hope is that they’ll wear them to give them some protection. Although the kids aren’t the vectors for the disease, they should still keep themselves protected from others.

– How to choose the correct mask for your child
Kids should be sized for masks. An adult mask is not generally going to fit a child, and a lot of the websites actually show you how to fit a mask on a child – you measure from the earlobe to the nose, and so if you’re going to order masks, at least look at the sites you’re ordering them from and try to get one that’s approved. The best masks are the N95s, but they’re medical grade and they are very tight fitting. There are a lot of N95 masks on the market, but they clearly say “Not Medical Grade” because they aren’t tight enough to keep the spread of the virus closure to 100%, which nothing is 100%. So, just choose your mask wisely.

– How to encourage your child(ren) to wear a mask
There are a lot of really cute masks for kids, Crayola has some, the Dr. Suess Company has some out, but it’s really finding the product that will give you the best protection that you’ll wear. So, maybe you wear an N95 mask, but the kids aren’t going to wear those because they’re too tight. Having something on
is better than nothing. Making the mask part of your child’s outfit can also be a fun way for your child to feel more involved in choosing and wearing their mask.

Coplin Health Systems is available for questions or concerns about COVID-19 and the regulations that are currently being implemented.

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