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By: Coplin Health SystemsApril 7, 2022

How Can Coplin’s Sliding Fee Scale Help Me Afford Healthcare?

A person’s access to healthcare should not be at jeopardy due to lack of funds or lack of insurance. At Coplin Health Systems, we believe folks of all income levels should have the opportunity to receive quality healthcare at a cost that fits into any budget.

In this blog, we’ll find out how Coplin’s Sliding Fee Scale program can benefit patients who need care but at a lower cost.

What is a Sliding Fee Scale?

A sliding fee scale is a financial assistance program based upon an individual’s ability to pay. Typically fees are reduced or adjusted to fit a person’s income level. These programs ensure that folks can be seen by a medical professional without paying the full amount.

Who is it for?

The Sliding Fee Scale is for patients who are either uninsured or underinsured, or folks who have insurance but have high deductibles and/or high co-pays.

What is the sliding scale based on?

The Sliding Fee Scale is based on a patient’s income and the income that comes into a household (so, how many people in the household). It’s important to note that assets are not factored into income.

How do you apply for the Sliding Fee Scale?

Contact a local Coplin office and ask for an application to be mailed to you or stop by the office to fill out the short required form. Proof of income will also be required when determining if you are eligible for this program. It’ll take roughly 7 to 10 days to hear back on if you’ve been approved or not.

Does the Sliding Fee Scale cover all services?

Yes – if approved, the Sliding Fee Scale will cover all Coplin services – dental, primary care, acute care, pharmacy services, behavioral health, women’s health, lab services, preventative services and occupational health.

To learn more about our Sliding Fee Scale or to request an application, please call 304-275-3301. You can also learn more here.

February 1, 2018

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March 1, 2018

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